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OptiMaskPro, prices, works, reviews, reviews, forum, Kenya 2019More signaling, more galactic fuffa. Our reader Francesca takes us to talk about OptiMaskPro, a device that promises to recover lost diopters OptiMaskPro , reviews, price, pharmacy in a few days, after a few minutes a day and without surgery. This prodigy would happen thanks to a joint use – but not well specified-of acupuncture and magnetism.

OptiMaskPro, how to use, ingredients, composition, how it works

The report starts from this site that reminds us of what we have seen for the device-Scam Energy Saver Pro. Everything is there: a blog that seems to be hosted on a platform not unlike WordPress or Blogspot; a species of “confession” by a person who talks about accidentally on purpose of product and in terms that are exclusively OptiMaskPro , how to use, ingredients positive; false counters that indicate the number of times the post was shared on the social network’s most well-known; fake commentators with common names – even if some “name imaginative”.

It is the usual trick of those who try to approach the careless buyer using the normal distrust, with the intent to give the false impression that personal experiences are worth more than a thousand words.By the way, all hyperlinks refer to the same OptiMaskPro , how to use, ingredients page. All, even those dedicated to blog tags or categories. Tags that then have nothing to do with the page in question: “black dots”, “acne”, “inflammation of the skin”. Hell,there’s a “homeopathy ” tag!

Wherever you click, the final destination will composition, how it works always be the OptiMaskPro page. Which resumes all the keywords found in the fake blog post

OptiMaskPro, reviews, forum, comments

and it proceeds with the usual testimonies of” ordinary people ” who, in reality, are nothing more than texts studied at the table and disseminated in several languages. Below you can see the comparison between the English and Italian versions. OptiMaskPro, reviews, comments There is no need to translate: the Italian version is identical to the English one. Even the names are identical: Tamara, Martino and Rosa.

OptiMaskPro, reviews, forum, commentsIn the Italian version, finally, we have a phone number (390694804250) that is not related to any customer service. Indeed, it is just non-existent: just a comparison with the English version (+123456789) to smell fish. The apogee of originality.

To be fair, I like the slogan. “Having eyes doesn’t always mean you see us”? I don’t know. it’s philosophical. Deep. He makes so much blind projectionist that he OptiMaskPro, reviews, comments demonstrates to a child his wisdom acquired over time “” now that I have lost my sight, I see more”. Stuff that would look great in a progressive metal piece. (That, or in a story told by a pilot who crashed in the middle of the forum desert).

OptiMaskPro, Kenya, original, pharmacy

I swear, it’s too beautiful. I’ll write it down in my journal. Sorry, I’ll be right back.Back to us. I have not found much about OptiMaskPro and OptiMaskPro, Kenya reviews in its favor are not found. (And thank God we are talking about a device “recommended by many people in various forums””. The only site that talks about it directly – and in a negative way – is ScamAdviser, which does not trace a flattering analysis. The owner of the site uses a service to hide his identity; the site is too young and has a rather short life expectancy (one year). OptiMaskPro, Kenya Although the site seems to have a Dutch base, ScamAdviser suggests a network consisting of several nations, all together.

The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity.

This website is 50 Days old. [al 26/12/2015 ndNinth]

The website expected life (365 days) is relatively Original, Pharmacy short.

The website appears to be less than six months old.

OptiMaskPro, price, pharmacy, amazon, where to buy

Although this website appears to be based in Netherlands there are other countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.This webite is very new, and as such doesn’t have an online OptiMaskPro, price reputation yet. As with all new businesses , we suggest that you take care and if necessary get in contact with the owners before placing an order of value.

OptiMaskPro, price, pharmacy, amazon, where to buyLooking for OptiMaskPro on YouTube I did not find anything in particular, but it turns out that this kind of” masseur ” is sold in a thousand sauces. None of these, however, with a strong taste. To figure out what it was, I found a video showing the device and … good God. Remember what the singer of La Mosca Tzé Tzé would get if he asked H. R. OptiMaskPro, price Giger for a makeover of his glasses.

Those cosini plastic seem to be many small eyes on the victim, ready to assist the dissolution of the face of the victim through the gastric juices ultracorrosivi, sucking and finally the brain of the victim directly from the eyes… I know, I should stop pharmacy, amazon, where to buy watching horror movies japanese, but this looks like one of those famous “robe ” alien” so dear to Lovecraft.

The description of who uploaded the video to YouTube is laconic and suggests that none of the promises were kept: the only thing you get is a severe headache, but no improvement.

OptiMaskPro, side effects, contraindications

I thinks this is one of the most Terrible stuff I’ve ever bought. Its make my head more stressed than before. No batteries included. [sic! ndNinth]

Here too, as for the Energy Saver Pro, we have nothing that can prove its effectiveness. Glossing over the issue of ” eco-friendly product, “OptiMaskPro, side effects the site claims that OptiMaskPro is”clinically tested for effectiveness.” As is the case with many misleading American advertisements, this is a misleading statement: in OptiMaskPro, side effects fact, they are only self-assessment questionnaires filled out by those who used the product. Of course, questionnaires could determine the effectiveness of a product, but they do not meet the definition of “clinically tested” precisely because high would result in the temptation to use only positive responses. A serious scientific study would contraindications suffice, but the site does not present any. Selling an evaluation questionnaire as a “scientific demonstration” is an indication of manipulative will, an attempt to turlupinare the customer with non-existent qualities. Also because there are no studies that demonstrate it really works, cost, what is the cost the effectiveness of magnetism on vision problems combined with acupuncture. In short, the elements for a product makelocco there are all.


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